Addressing Illegal Block Parties: Steps for the Detroit Police Department and Required Leadership Support part 1


Recently, there was a highly publicized illegal block party in Detroit. This old trend of large gatherings without permits has become a significant safety issue for the Detroit Police Department. These events often result in officer safety issues by not allowing emergency vehicles to get through major faraway areas. Additionally, the force that officers may need to disrupt these illegal gatherings can be met with resistance and violence.

One of the most significant problems with these illegal block parties is that they are frequently centered around car shows. While car enthusiasts enjoy showcasing their vehicles, it is unsafe when it results in an unpermitted gathering on public streets. It becomes even more dangerous when people start doing burnouts or racing down roads, which can lead to accidents and injuries.

For example, as a police officer for the last two decades, I have witnessed many illegal activities. However, I have never experienced being unable to do my job because of a citizen engaging in an unlawful block party in Detroit. The citizens blocked the street with cars and set up grills and speakers. The noise was unbearable, and we received numerous complaints from residents around the area. We quickly responded to the scene; however, we could not take control of the situation. And had to come back to the area the next day to process the crime scene.

Police management needs to identify the promoters of these events, allow officers latitude to conduct no-tolerance enforcement, and support them with the appropriate force to shut down the problem before it gets out of hand. If left unchecked, this issue will only grow until it reaches a point of no return.

The violence associated with these gatherings is also a cause for concern. As tensions rise between law enforcement and attendees, confrontations could turn violent quickly. Attendees may feel encouraged by the crowd size and alcohol consumption and resort to physical altercations with police officers or other attendees.

Another issue that arises with such gatherings is car shows. Many people gather to showcase their cars, but often at these events; some individuals engage in dangerous driving behaviors such as drag racing or drifting, which causes a significant risk to public safety. Additionally, many of these illegal gatherings may occur without permits and can cause damage to nearby businesses and neighborhoods.

Furthermore, these gatherings can harm local businesses and residents who live near the event's location. The noise level alone can be incredibly disruptive, making sleeping or working during the day challenging. Littering from food containers or beer bottles can also attract rodents or other pests into neighborhoods.

Police management must take proactive steps toward identifying those behind illegal block parties in Detroit and taking swift action against them. They cannot wait until things get out of control before addressing them; otherwise, it may reach a point of no return where shutting down such events becomes impossible. Officers must have all the necessary resources to enforce no-tolerance policies and maintain law and order. By doing so, they can ensure the safety of both officers and attendees while protecting local businesses and residents from any harm.

The leadership of the Detroit Police Department must address a pressing concern, namely an alarming incidence of violence and unlawful gatherings requiring applied force for viable resolutions.


Anonymous said…
The community decides their leadership. The community chooses what's right and wrong. Leadership makes decisions based on public perception and approval. Leadership has and will continue to display cowardice and corruption to keep their opportunities, positions and relationships. As long as these parties are contained in the most destitute and infested communities in the city, it wil not be a priority for leadership. Not until these parties affect the right person, people or area like downtown where the money, political influencers and community who wont accept this, will leadership decide its time to enact "zero tolerance" enforcement. Blacks kills blacks everyday unjustifiably, no outrage. A white kills a black while in the commission of a crime and leadership is leading the riots. Leadership has proven to be contradicting, corrupt, incapable and very misinformed. I think your expectation that these leaders have the intergrity, expertise, experience, education to handle these issues in the first place is the most significant issue regarding resolutions.
Anonymous said…
This activity will spread like cancer it will start in the destitute area but move tothe more influential area