Urban Chaos in the Suburbs: Is it Coming to a Community Near You?

In the past, urban chaos and violence were commonly linked to inner cities. However, recent events draw attention to a troubling trend: spreading this violence into suburban regions. An example of such an occurrence occurred on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, at 1 am in Livonia, Michigan, specifically at Nicholas's party store located on Merriman Rd., with its peaceful atmosphere ruptured by a murder within its boundaries.

According to reports, Makayla Sadler, who was 27 years old, died that night. She was shot and killed by a person named Lania Julieah Conn., aged 24, during an argument about cutting in line. Cory Lenil Campbell, age 25, Mr.Campbell then shot and injured Lania Julieah Con,  Police arrested both individuals due to their involvement, and they now face charges.

The repercussions of this violent encounter extend beyond the immediate loss of life and injury. It has ignited discussions among community members who have called this neighborhood home for decades. One such conversation I had recently with a close friend—an individual I deeply respect and learned a great deal from during my career in law enforcement—highlighted his concerns about urban violence infiltrating his once-peaceful suburb community.

Living in the same community for over thirty years, he expressed his deep-rooted fear of seeing the peace he cherished replaced by chaos and violence. This sentiment is shared by many long-time residents who wish to preserve the safety and serenity they have come to expect from suburban living.

However, what troubled him more than anything else was the fear of expressing these concerns without being unfairly labeled as racist by certain factions within society often referred to as the "woke" community. The right to discuss the matter openly and honestly, without fear of being misunderstood or unjustly accused, is a fundamental aspect of any healthy society.

Addressing the issue of urban violence encroaching into suburban areas requires an open dialogue that transcends labels and allows for genuine understanding. It is crucial to recognize that this concern is not rooted in bigotry but rather in a desire to protect one's home and community. We can work towards finding solutions collectively by acknowledging these worries without resorting to divisive accusations.

As communities grapple with the unsettling reality of violence reaching their doorsteps, it becomes imperative to foster an environment where honest conversations can take place. Only through mutual understanding and empathy can we hope to address this issue and ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals in urban and suburban areas

The Role of Law Enforcement:

Law enforcement agencies serve a crucial societal function by upholding the law, protecting innocent lives, and maintaining order. These agencies must be empowered to employ the necessary techniques to combat violence and threats posed by chaos.

It is important to balance providing law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools and techniques while ensuring accountability measures are in place. This allows communities to feel safe while simultaneously safeguarding individuals' civil liberties.

Encouraging Active Citizen Participation:

Community involvement is critical to deterring urban chaos from infiltrating suburban areas further. Citizens should be encouraged to report suspicious activities promptly while remaining aware of their surroundings. Neighborhood associations can play a significant role by organizing regular meetings, sharing crime prevention tips, and collaborating with law enforcement on safety initiatives. By working together, residents and police can create a united front against potential threats.


The encroachment of urban chaos into suburban areas poses a real threat to the tranquility we hold dear. However, we can stop this encroachment by actively involving law enforcement agencies and engaging with our communities. Empowering citizens through education, promoting dialogue between residents and officers, and encouraging proactive measures will enable us to preserve the peace and security that define our suburban neighborhoods. Let's stand united against this challenge before it reaches our doorsteps.